The 2022-2024 three-year project "Preistoria e Inclusività Digitale", realised with the contribution of Fondazione CR Firenze, allows the public to consult the archival heritage of the IIPP easily. The free and easy access to the historical and scientific digital contents about Prehistory intends to encourage digital inclusiveness through languages and themes of wide interest. This path focuses on Paolo Graziosi's interest in American studies, which took shape, in 1959, in a first exploration campaign in Central and South America. The photographic material produced by Paolo Graziosi on this occasion, now made available by the Institute, testifies to the vast amount of archaeological finds "captured" by the scholar's objective. Stimulated by this initial research, Graziosi promoted the launch of an Italian archaeological mission in Perù (1962-1965), after the establishment of a special Commission for Pre-Columbian Archaeology. Documents and letters, kept in the Archives of the IIPP, have allowed to reconstruct the "behind the scenes" of the expedition, revealing also less known aspects, such as the exchanges of archaeological material between Italy and Perù, the diplomatic and propaganda activities on the mission, difficulties in obtaining and renewing funding.