The 2022-2024 three-year project "Preistoria e Inclusività Digitale", realised with the contribution of Fondazione CR Firenze, allows the public to consult the archival heritage of the IIPP easily. The free and easy access to the historical and scientific digital contents about Prehistory intends to encourage digital inclusiveness through languages and themes of wide interest. This thematic itinerary aims to promote the ethnographic images by Paolo Graziosi. The images about Africa were selected from the photographs and slides taken by Graziosi between 1935 and 1972 during his expeditions in Libya and Somalia. Ethnographic evidence from Pakistan (1955 and 1960 journeys) are also collected here: they constitute a valuable photographic documentation of life within the Kalash community. From Graziosi's journeys in Latin America we offer some shots about Peru.